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Residential Demolition



The process of demolishing a home is not easy; it can be horrifying. This isn’t a “do it yourself” project, but you can be comfortable and eased when you hire a legitimate and reliable people to do it for you. Tearing down the old home gives a way for newer, nicer home to be built in its place. Older homes may be full of harmful asbestos, lead, and mercury, and may even instigate a grave health risks.

The City Wide Demolition and Excavation is a renowned fully accredited and certified demolition company that provides a wide range of demolition services. Our projects range from private housing sites to industrial and commercial premises. Whether you live in an apartment, a house or any type of residential property, our team of demolition professionals has all the skills and experience to safely bring down your residential building. We use safe and efficient methods and procedure to systematically take apart and get rid of the structures.

Our team, the City Wide Demolition and Excavation has the training and proficiency for all house demolition and asbestos removal task. We stand out in services such as full and partial demolition, interior strip out as well as complete building demolition. We offer excellence work, big or small and as expert demolition contractors, we carry out each job make use of the utmost in safety precautions and best performance; we don’t believe in shortcuts!

We even do the clean up. Once we’ve completed the demolition of your house, we’ll conveniently proceed to the cleanup of the area. We are equipped with sophisticated machinery which enables us to undertake excellent site clearance. Our team will safely dispose of all the debris as well as completing a thorough site clean-up once the demolition is complete.residential-demolition-after-optimised

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