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Demolition and Excavation Services in Sandown Village and Springvale

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, if you are looking to build a new house, you will first have to demolish the building or buildings that are currently on the property. Demolition is a big task to take on and it needs to be done right. Failure to properly demolish a building can lead to a lot of complications, from contamination to left over debris.

Demolition services come in a variety of different expertises and are offered by numerous companies in Sandown Village and Springvale. Want to know what demolition contractors have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Altona and Seaholme demolition

Domestic Demolition and Commercial Demolition for Sandown Village and Springvale

Demolition comes in many different forms and each form is targeted for a very specific type of work. No one type of demolition is the same because they have quite a variety of building types and needs. At the top of the different types of demolition services there is residential demolition and commercial demolition.

Residential demolition is the process of house demolition and other domestic demolition such as sheds. Out of the various types of demolition, domestic demolition tends to be fairly easy. Most homes aren’t complicated but it can get more complex for condos, apartments, old buildings, and larger buildings. Other complications can come up along the way such as finding asbestos or lead paint.

When it comes to commercial demolition, you will see a variety of difficulties from simple buildings to more complicated facilities. Businesses also often have equipment and chemicals on site that can further complicate demolition. Just like residential projects, commercial ones can also have asbestos, lead, and other complications arise during the project.

Alternative Demolition Services in Sandown Village and Springvale

Like we mentioned there are a lot of different types of demolition out there. Besides the top two types of demolition services, there are two other common types of demolition that you will find in Sandown Village and Springvale: farm demolition and partial demolition.

Farm demolition is the process of demolishing everything that makes up a farm. Some farms may only have one or two buildings while some have a lot. Farms with tall silos can be more complex to demolish. The fact that you also need to be sure not to spread debris and to clean everything up so as not to pollute the farm also makes it more complicated.

Partial demolition is the art of taking down only a portion of a building. It may be taking down a floor or taking down a half of a building. This kind of work requires very high levels of skill. A mistake on a partial demolition can be quite costly.

Demolition Cleanup in Sandown Village and Springvale

No project is done once the building comes down, that only marks the halfway point. After a building has been demolished, you have to clean up what is left behind. Debris can make further construction hard, contaminate the ground, and violate laws. Any demolition company that you consider working with should provide cleanup and hauling of debris as part of their services.

Citywide Demolition in Sandown Village and Springvale for All Clients

If you need demolition services in Sandown Village and Springvale, then Citywide Demolition is your top option. Citywide provides top tier demolition services to Sandown Village and Springvale and the surrounding areas. We have experience and provide services to all types of demolition projects, from house demolition to commercial demolition and everything else on the spectrum. 

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Reach out to Citywide Demolition today to learn more about what we can do for you and to get any questions answered. We can also work to provide you a top quote from the industry.

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