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Demolition and Excavation Services in Cotham and Kew​

Demolishing any property is a complex task that requires professionals who have specific training and experience. The problem is that whether you live in Cotham and Kew or one of the surrounding areas you might not have all of the details you need to make an informed decision. Today we are going to take a look at the different types of demolition services.

Altona and Seaholme demolition

Domestic Demolition and Commercial Demolition in the Cotham and Kew Area

One might think that demolishing any building is the same. This is far from the truth. Demolition is a unique process that requires experienced professionals who come out and assess each project before beginning. Most demolition projects fall into one of two categories, residential demolition (domestic) and commercial demolition.

Residential projects are those that involve demolishing residential buildings such as house demolition or shed demolition. Out of all of the demolition projects out there, houses and sheds tend to be the less complicated ones. The larger the home, the more complicated it can be.  Other complications can arise such as lead paint and asbestos.

Commercial demolition shares some similarities with domestic projects but one of the main things that makes these projects different is the size of the property. Many commercial projects are bigger. Commercial demolition is also more likely to have chemicals and equipment on site that can complicate demolition.

Additional Demolition Services

You can also find a handful of specialty demolition services. Two of the most common specialty demolition services include farm demolition and partial demolition. Farm demolition is the process of taking down all parts of a farm, that includes barns, sheds, shelters, and other structures. It also requires total cleanup to ensure that the land can still be used for farming after the demolition.

Partial demolition services are unique projects where only a portion of a building needs to be taken down.  Those that perform partial demolition need to be able to take down a building with precision. The last thing you want is for a company to accidentally take down more of the building than you want.

Project Finish Up

No demolition project is done when the building comes down. There is more that needs to be done. After a demolition project, a lot of debris is left behind. This includes both large and small debris. Cleaning all of this up and hauling it away is essential. Ensuring that you have a company that both provides the cleanup and the hauling in addition to the demolition. You do not want to have to try and coordinate two different companies to take care of your demolition project.

Citywide Demolition Services for Those in Cotham and Kew

No matter what kind of demolition project you are undertaking, it is wise to choose a company that is capable of undertaking any demolition project. A versatile demolition company means that they can take on any challenge thrown their way. Citywide Demolition is exactly such a company, we provide all aspects of demolition service in the Cotham and Kew area and surrounding locations. 

All of the services we offer here at Citywide are tailored to our customers and are top tier. Take a look at our customer reviews around the internet if you want to verify what past clients have thought of us. You will find stellar reviews on all of the major sites along with great testimonials on our website.

Starting a demolition project doesn’t have to be as complicated as some companies make it. At Citywide Demolition we want to make the process easy.

Contact us today by phone or email to get a quote. Our friendly staff are also available to answer any questions that you might have.

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