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Demolition and Excavation Services in Heathwood, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte South and Warranwood

Construction projects are quite complicated, a lot has to be done. Not only that, no one construction project is the same as the next. One of the processes of construction that is surprisingly complicated is demolition. Demolition services are not simply knocking down a building with a wrecking ball. Each building needs to be approached with finesse in order to ensure that it gets done properly.

If you need demolition contractors in Heathwood, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte South and Warranwood make sure you take a look at this article. We are going to cover some of the different types of demolition along with some of the other details that you need to know.

Altona and Seaholme demolition

Commercial Demolition vs Domestic Demolition

While there are many different types of demolition out there, the two most common categories are commercial demolition and domestic demolition. Both are ones that most have us have seen being utilized around town. Despite the fact you have seen both, they are slightly different.

Commercial demolition is the process of taking down buildings that have been used for commercial needs such as warehouses and stores. Tearing down businesses can be an easy process or a complicated one. A lot of different factors play a role in whether a demolition project will go easily or not. For commercial projects, some of the factors that determine the difficulty of a project include: size, purpose of business, age of building, and the surroundings.

Residential demolition includes any type of demolition that has to do with residential buildings such as house demolition. In general, this type of demolition is easier to perform. Often residential buildings are smaller and less complex, making them easier to demolish. However, every building is different and residential buildings can be complex to teardown too. Older buildings can be complicated due to finding asbestos, lead paint, or other things left behind from past generations. Commercial demolition projects can have to deal with these complications too.

Other Types of Demolition

Some other types of demolition are out there. Two of the other common types of demolition in Heathwood, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte South and Warranwood are partial demolition and farm demolition. Both of these share similarities with the other types of demolition.

Farm demolition is the process of demolishing anything that has to do with farms. That could be barns, silos, or anything else. A unique aspect of farm demolition is that it can vary greatly in the complexity with some being very simple but they all have one common requirement, they need to be handled thoroughly so that the land is usable for plants and/or animals when the project is done.

Like its name implies, partial demolition is the act of demolition contractors taking down only part of a building. This can be quite a difficult process as you now have to separate parts of the building and be careful to not touch the wanted parts of the building. Great skill is needed for these projects.

Full Service Demolition is Essential

Having a demolition company that provides full service is essential for clients. A company that comes in and only knocks down the building is not completely taking care of you. Full service demolition includes cleanup and hauling of any debris made. Leaving debris behind means that you will need to contract with another company to cleanup and manage that.

Citywide Demolition for Projects in Heathwood, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte South and Warranwood

For those who live in or around Heathwood, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte South and Warranwood, you will find that the best option for demolition is Citywide Demolition. Citywide provides every demolition service that you might need, from common forms to those that are far less common. Not only that, we provide full service demolition to ensure our projects are completely cleaned up when we are done.

You will likely want to verify the quality of our services and we don’t blame you. Take a moment to read the interviews of our services around the internet. You will find that they are top tier and people have many positive things to say about us.

To start the process of demolition contact us today. We are here to answer any questions you might have and to get you a quote.

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