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Partial Demolition

Performing the delicate process of partial demolition works on your premise requires a skilled and professional team. Careful planning is essential for this since there is a need to remove walls and other elements without harmfully affecting the bearing support of the whole structure or messing up the authenticity of plumbing, electrical and cable systems. Basically, this is the difference between a partial or selective demolition and a full demolition.

At City Wide Demolition & Excavation, we are confident to offer a range of demolition services to different clienteles; this includes partial demolition. May it be a residential, commercial or industrial in nature, our team is competent to achieve fully your required job. Partial demolition requires cautious planning and designing as the demolition team wants to make sure that no other part of the property gets affected in the process. This is where we pride ourselves on professional partial demolition works. We use the latest machinery along with licensed and trained workers to ensure your job is completed on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

Besides from the partial demolition works, City Wide Demolition & Excavation team even do the clean up. Once we’ve completed the partial demolition of your premise, we’ll conveniently proceed to the cleanup of the area. We are equipped with sophisticated machinery which enables us to undertake excellent site clearance. Our team will kindly dispose of all the debris.

With City Wide Demolition the City Wide Demolition & Excavation, rest assured that your home is protected and safe, and we guarantee your satisfaction on our services.


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