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Demolition Melbourne



Get the Best Demolition Service in Melbourne, From City Wide Demolition & Excavation

If anyone thinks that demolishing or removing buildings, houses and other structures from their sites is an easy, no-brainer task, well think again. Yes, demolition is defined as “the process of dismantling a building or structure by pre-planned or controlled methods. However, it also involves highly-trained experts and personnel working with debris, materials, weather conditions, mass and physics (and what else?). So, if you’re looking for the best, and most dependable, demolition service in town. You may reach us at City Wide Demolition & Excavation, #181 Cherry Lane Laverton North, Vic 3026. CALL US @0401 016 565 or email us @ quotes@citywidedemolition.com.au

Residential Demolition Melbourne

Regardless of whether you live in a one or two-story house, or in an apartment block, or any types of residential property, City Wide’s team of professionals have the right skill and experience in Residential Demolition Melbourne.

We excel in performing service like full and partial demolition, interior strip-out as well as complete demolition of buildings and homes. They even do cleanup. And, once the demolition of the house or apartment is completed, the next step would be to proceed with the cleanup of the site.

We in City Wide is equipped with sophisticated equipment and machinery, which enables them to undertake excellent site clearance, and the efficient disposal of all debris too.

Commercial Demolition Melbourne

At City Wide Demolition & Excavation, it’s a must to provide customers with all the demolition service that suits their needs. With a team of fully-licensed and skilled personnel, the firm can undertake complete and partial Commercial Demolition Melbourne, selective structural demolition, site clearance and interior strip-outs.

Whether it’s a shopping mall, hospital, office building of any type of commercial property that’s no longer safe and damaged by weather conditions or certain structural defects, the demolition crew will safely bring it down for you.

Asbestos Removal Melbourne

While asbestos was commonly used in building homes, buildings and offices in the early part of the 20th century, it has now been banned in Australia (and in most countries) because the material has been linked to various cancers including lung, ovarian and laryngeal cancer (as well as mesothelioma). 

At City Wide Demolition & Excavation, each and every personnel are well-trained in safe and efficient Asbestos Removal Melbourne. So, if you happened to find asbestos in your home, (or in the construction site), schedule a free consultation with us and we will take care of everything.

Partial Demolition Melbourne

Demolishing a house or building partially may look easy, but in truth it can be a quite delicate process. But at City Wide, each personnel takes in pride performing professional Partial Demolition Melbourne.

Our team uses the latest machinery, and everyone is licensed and well-trained, to ensure that the job is completed on time, on budget and to the exact specifications of the client. Once partial demolition of the structure is done, the area’s clean-up comes next, along with the proper disposal of all debris.

Get to know us and our services that we offer! Call or email City Wide Demolition & Excavation for a free quotation on any specific project type, from schools to factories, hotels, retail outlets, hospitals, government buildings, houses, units and heritage buildings.

Our team at City Wide Demolition and Excavation is always ready to provide our client the best satisfying services with safety and protection! Call us NOW!

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