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City Demolition Melbourne


City Wide Demolition & Excavation provides safe city demolition services in Melbourne. We undertake the demolition of apartment buildings, houses, commercial as well as industrial buildings reliably.

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We Raze Any Building That Needs To Be Brought Down

A city demolition does not imply razing the whole of the city. It only involves the demolition of those buildings that are damaged or ruined. A structurally deficient shopping mall, an unused warehouse… All those are unproductive buildings which must be dismantled to make room for modern commercial and industrial buildings. Even houses are torn down when home owners decide to replace their old house by a brand-new one. That’s where our team of experts comes into play.

We are ever ready to demolish the building that you want us to bring down without flinching from the size of the property. We have all the skills and sophisticated equipment to undertake our job professionally.

We Use Different Techniques

Our demolition team, here at City Wide Demolition & Excavation, uses different approaches when dismantling a building, depending on the type of building to be torn down.

If the property is to be demolished only partially, we go for selective structural demolition. We also specialise in interior strip outs, which involve the removal of flooring, internal walls and other internal structures of a building.

Specific Demolition Methods For Different Buildings

What Sets Us Apart

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We'll safely tear down your building.

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